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Unwavering Hope For A Brighter Future

Thank you for supporting our mission in Northern Uganda. For more than 30 years, Hope For Uganda benefactors have been supporting the formation of future priests and community leaders. Because of your generosity, more than 900 young men and women are receiving a high-quality education and giving them hope for a brighter future.

You have also helped fund a sustainability through agriculture program called the Archbishop Flynn Rural Develop Education Center (AFRUDEC) – with the goal of improving nutrition for the Archbishop Flynn Secondary School students and staff, teaching students and the local community improved methods for growing crops and raising animals, and becoming an economic engine to help contribute to the school financially.



The Hope for Uganda vision started with education – believing the future is transformed by developing the God- given potential of each student through knowledge, hope, and faith formation. Giving a young life access to a faith- based, high-quality education remains our highest priority.

Due to difficult economic conditions and inflation in Uganda, the need for scholarships in 2023 increased by $125,000 over the previous year – a 50% increase! We expect the need to remain at this level going into 2024. We need to raise $100,000 more than we’ve ever raised before to meet this additional hardship, plus we need to balance the shortfall of $120,000 for the increased tuition assistance required in the 2023 school year.

Your one-time gift of $100,000, $10,000, or $1,000 will change a student’s life forever. A monthly gift of $85 covers 1 year of tuition - allowing a student to continue their journey to discern and grow in God’s plan for their life.


Vocations to the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Gulu are booming. In 2023, eight men are being ordained priests and seven are being ordained transitional deacons. For many years, Hope For Uganda benefactors have helped each newly ordained priest to commence his ministry by purchasing a chasuble, Mass kit, and motorcycle – valued at $6,500.

The recent large number of new priests is almost three times more than past ordination classes, which has created a unique challenge for Hope For Uganda benefactors to continue this tradition. To date, $18,675 has been raised toward the goal of $55,265 – meaning $36,590 is needed so that all eight priests are able to effectively serve their community.

Please pray for the new priests and consider making a sacrificial gift that will endow each priest with the resources needed to bring the Gospel and Sacraments to the growing body of believers.


Other projects in need of charitable consideration include:

  • AFSS boy’s bathroom and showers are needed as soon as possible – estimated at $20,000.
  • AFRUDEC/Farm is planning to raise pigs and chickens to increase protein in the diet of students.
  • Build an administration block for the AFSS campus so that classrooms will be freed up and used for educating students.


Our mission is fueled by prayers, hope, and your financial support. You can double the impact of your gift by making a donation of $100 or more. Current and past Hope for Uganda board and committee members are offering a $1 for $1 match for gifts of $100 or more until November 30 or until the $77,000 Challenge Grant has been fully matched.

If this challenge has gotten your attention and touched your heart, your prayerfully considered gift will literally change the future for students and families in Northern Uganda. Thank you for being a partner in our mission of hope!